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Our Solution


Grid Sentry has developed and deployed a state-of-the-art Smart Grid Line Sensor Platform that give electric utilities situational awareness of assets and provides actionable data.

The power grid is the most important infrastructure in the world, yet aging assets pose a serious threat. Power and utility companies are realizing their part in the grid modernization movement and taking steps to protect these critical assets that billions of people depend on.

Grid Sentry is at the forefront of this movement, offering the best Smart Grid Line Sensor Platform on the market to help utility companies bring their distribution centers to the digital age. Our self-powered, patented sensor systems easily install on existing powerlines to provide instantaneous advanced data regarding fault detection and improved fault location, condition based vegetation management, load management, non-technical loss detection, outage and restoration detection, critical asset protection, harmonics, conductor temperature monitoring… and more.

Our Sensor Advantage

  • Casing Size & Weight – approximately ½ the weight (3.6lbs) of competitors (6+lbs). A lot of engineering in a small size.
  • Patented Casing Shape – minimizes the accumulation of ice and snow avoiding weight buildup and its aerodynamic shape helps minimize the impact of wind loading and potential line “gallop”.
  • Patented Clamp Mechanism – allows securing the sensor on all sizes of distribution lines from .198” to 1.14” diameter and can be installed via hot stick. The clamp also allows the sensor to be moved from one location to another.
  • All Communication Options – Cellular, WiFi and DNP3 available.
  • Unrestricted Data Flow - No propritary software needed, we are DNP3 compliant. Data can flow direct to the utility or be hosted on a separate platform, including an in-house program with Grid Sentry.
"The [Grid Sentry] distribution line sensors enable cost effective monitoring in real-time power flow, power quality and fault. As a result, when a fault does occur anywhere in the system the utility knows within 3 minutes both the individual faults and the combination of faults that will enable quick assessment of the scope and determination of the level response. That additional capability drives significant operational savings and avoids compliance penalties."

Electric Power Research Institute Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative - March 2014