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Pilot Program



We are offering to provide, for a period of up to 90 calendar days, three (3) Grid Sentry GS-250 Line Sentry units. To qualify for this program the participant must have a clearly stated quantifiable objective. Please provide in the message box a short description of what you are hoping to accomplish with your program. We will review your program request and our technical staff will contact you to finalize arrangements.

Participation in the pilot program is contingent upon technical staff review and acceptance under the following terms:
  1. Participant will install the sensors within 2 weeks of receipt. Installations will be conducted under Grid Sentry instruction.
  2. At the end of the pilot program period the participant will either purchase the installed GS-250 Line Sensor units or remove the units and return to Grid Sentry. If purchased, ongoing applicable communication and hosting charges may apply.
  3. Participant will provide feedback on results (i.e. were objectives met, lessons learned, etc.) of the pilot program via a short survey.
  4. Grid Sentry will provide the requested GS-250 Line Sensor units, shipping to/from the participant’s facility, communications during pilot and access to monitoring platform.