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The Situation


As the global economy and societies have become increasingly dependent on reliable and consistent energy, the power grid, tasked with suppling the uninterrupted flow of electricity, has experienced deteriorating reliability.

The power industry and governmental agencies have identified the critical need for infrastructure improvements and enhancements to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of power. There is broad agreement in the power industry that to achieve these objectives broader use of "smart" technologies must be implemented.

Imagine Having Actionable Data Into Your Network

The Grid Sentry Line Sensor Platform line sensors give utilities the "smart data" and situational awareness to reduce outage minutes and protect critical assets.

See the advantages of our GS-250 Line Sensor for youself.

"Reliability: There have been five massive blackouts over the past 40 years, three of which have occurred in the past 9 years. More blackouts and brownouts are occurring due to the slow response times of mechanical switches, lack of automated analytics, and "poor visibility" - a "lack of situational awareness" on the part of grid operators..."

The Smart Grid: An Introduction, U.S. Dept. of Energy, 2008